Rainbow Anxiety

Watercolor and Ink, 2017–2019

“Rainbow Anxiety” is a series of watercolor and ink paintings that dream up an overtly colorful planet of melancholy, floating in a space between a bootleg “Where’s Waldo?” book and candyland-esque eeriness.
  1. Don’t Leave Me Here Alone, Baby  
  2. Be A Good Boy
  3. I Have Cold Feet
  4. Thankful For You (Meditation Pillow)

  1. The Grateful Dog  
  2. Peyote Coyote
  3. Spiritual Cat 
  4. The Tongue
  5. If I Was Stranded on an Island
  6. Glitter Rat
  7. Give Me Ionization or Give Me Death
  8. Sherbet Serpent
  9. Dead Head